Meals can be altered according to our residents' preferences and dietary restrictions. Our meals limit processed food and start with natural ingredients. We meet with a dietician on a regular basis to discuss resident preferences and ensure they are getting proper nutrition.
Join us on Sundays for delicious homemade ice cream!
We strive to find activities that fit our resident's personalities rather than a one size fits all approach. One of our favorite activities is checking up on the vegetable garden. Other activities could range from popcorn and a movie to a light excercise to get the body moving.
In addition to day to day activities, monthly field trips are planned according to our resident's preferences. Residents are encouraged to join. Field trips could range from local festivals to exhibits at the Reagan Library to Descanso Gardens.  Seasonal on site activities could range from a sidewalk chalk contest with neighborhood kids and being judged by our residents to an afternoon of cookie decorating.